Bronwen Faubert reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

April 9, 2019                                                                                                                                  

Golden Gals provided nothing but TOP guidance and service We got our beautiful puppy last fall and he is amazing! The best temperament of any dog I have had yet ( 7 goldens and counting) ... The entire process was easy and the communication is AMAZING!! I had some questions about food etc.. and they answered right away. This is a breeder who nurtures and adores these goldens..and is in the business for the right reason.. Henry is amazing.. If you are looking for an amazing golden retriever for you family ... this is the breeder


Jeanine Czaplicki reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

March 4, 2019

We recently brought our baby girl Tessie home from the Golden Gals and we had a wonderful experience top to bottom. Right from the beginning they were very prompt in responding to our inquiry and very helpful with our decision making to get a new puppy. When we visited we were very impressed with their facility, breeding program and dogs, everything was just perfect .Once we got our girl home Alex has been so helpful and responsive to us with any questions or concerns we have in adapting her to our household. We are totally in love with her and we will be getting her a brother in the summer from the Golden Gals Harper / Hoyt Litter. We are so excited for them to grow together and very happy to be a part of the Golden Gals family. We highly recommend this breeder if you are looking for a new pup.                                                                                                          

Paulina Jankowska reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

 February 21, 2019

 The best place to buy a Puppy. We got one since last summer😊😊😊and we love our Oreo soooo soooo much. Our family is finally complete😍Highly recommend!!!


J Cray reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

February 16, 2019

 Had a Great and easy experience. Our puppy is amazing. They are very professional, and you can tell they care about their work. Over all, we had a great experience and a great puppy.


Tim Hollister reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

February 12, 2019

We adopted a beautiful golden puppy from Golden Gals. We were very impressed with how professional, knowledgeable, organized, responsive, and caring they were


Jay Josh Mon reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

 December 29, 2018

The newest member of our family joined us Christmas Eve and she’s made our household even happier. I recommend Golden Gals to anyone looking to add one of their pretty pups to their family!


Michelle Fahy reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

December 29, 2018                                                                                

Wonderful breeder. Ashley and her team are so professional, ethical and kind. They have a wonderful program with proper testing and take their breeding program seriously. The care for their dogs and for all their puppies is amazing. We can’t wait to get another one soon! Every Golden Gal pup you ever meet is just so beautiful and smart. Highly recommend!


Macayla Cottrell reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

November 12, 2018

I purchased my Benny from the golden gals he is by far everything I have ever dreamed about! He is so smart and well mannered can’t imagine life without him. Benny will being getting a little brother soon— can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!


Gillian Russo reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

November 12, 2019

We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Alex and Ashley from Golden Gals! Brodie is exactly what you’d hope for in a puppy and has so easily become a member of our family. Not only is he absolutely beautiful, but his temperament is excellent. He is generally a very calm dog, listens well, and very easy to train. We adopted him when he was 12 weeks old and he was able to sleep all night in the crate on night #1 with no crying and no accidents! It is so obvious that he was raised in a loving home, and was socialized early. Ashley was extremely responsive and nice when I first reached out via email, and then Alex was so caring, informative and helpful when we came to meet Brodie, and then later to take him home. Since then, Alex has shown us that she truly cares about how Brodie has adjusted to his new home. She checks in from time to time and encourages us to send her pictures! We highly recommend Golden Gals, and if we are ever in the market for a second puppy, we know exactly where to go! Pictures attached show Brodie kissing his beautiful father Hoyt, and then arriving at his FURever home in Guilford, CT.


Heather Cowette reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

October 17, 2018

I finally got the golden gal bug. I'm just so in love with your golden. First time ever having this breed and so in love. Ashely and Alex do an amazing job!!!


Stephanie Delahunt reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

October 14, 2018

We love our pup from Golden Gals! A sweet boy who wants nothing but to please us and be near us. He loves to go on walks, hit the farmers’ market, play fetch, swim in the lake, wrestle our Great Pyrenees who is at least twice his size, or snuggle us or our cats by the fire. He has been a joy to train; willing, attentive and smart. Silky, wavy, short feathered cream coat and soulful, dark eyes. He turns heads wherever we go. He has such a great temperament, we’d have a half dozen if we could! Teddy is 5 months old and we are completely smitten. Ashley was responsive and knowledgeable and accommodating and she continues to be when we have questions or just want to gush about “our” boy. We will absolutely get our next golden from the Golden Gals, CT.

Barbie Resch reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

October 1, 2018

We just got our pup from Ashley and Alex and our experience was wonderful. Their pups are well cared for and absolutely beautiful. Brody is a calm sweet boy who is great with kids. His house training is going great. The schedule they sent us home with is a huge help. We couldn’t be happier. We will definitely be going back to them for our next pup.

Kristin Scata reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

September 24, 2018

Ashley and Alex (The Golden Gals) are absolutely wonderful. From my very first phone call and throughout our entire experience both Ashley and Alex showed how much care and devotion they put into their litters and the families who they choose for their pups. We have two English cream Golden pupppies (one male and one female). They are both healthy, happy pups with great personality and love to play together all day. Having two has been an amazing experience. They are very gentle with our young children and elderly dog and have most definitely completed our family. Ashley and Alex both encourage questions and keeping in touch. I would highly recommend The Golden Gals!


Niki Schultz reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

August 23, 2018
We got our little girl from Alex and Ashley a little over a month ago and have been nothing but in love since! Nala is such a calm, sweet, well natured puppy. Her temperament is great, training her has been going so smoothly, and she is wonderful with kids, people and most importantly other animals!

The entire process of getting her through Golden Gals was pleasant. From the updated pictures before we took her home, to the check-ins we continue to receive. It is evident that Alex and Ashley truly have a passion for breeding and love all the pups as their own. We are so happy with our decision to add a new edition to our family through Golden Gals. I highly recommend them to everyone looking for a Golden Retriever!  

Kathleen O'Leary  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

July 27, 2018
Highly recommend!!

We brought our little love home last Friday. He and the experience could not be more perfect. It is totally apparent that these dogs are loved, well cared for and have excellent initial training. Their temperament is calm, affectionate and eager to learn/train.

Every experience with Ashley and Alex was perfect, professional and caring. I will not duplicate the descriptions of the process seen in many of the other reviews because we had a very similar, wonderful experience; definitely demonstrates they are a reputable and reliable breeder.

Thanks so much, Golden Gals, for making our experience great and adding such a wonderful puppy to our family :)

Katie & Brian O’Leary  

Ashley Fechtmann reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

July 23, 2018

I wish there were more stars to give!! We initially contacted Ashley who was extremely responsive and kind. We emailed her at 10am and by 2pm we put the deposit down on our puppy, Cody. We were then referred to Alex who was just as helpful and knowledgeable. She was there every step of the way and always encourages us to text or call her with any questions. We especially loved and appreciated receiving all of the picture updates of our puppy before taking him home. It was quite obvious that Alex took unbelievable care of them and loves her pups. We ended up getting our puppy along with three other couples who happen to be close friends. We are so excited to have Cody grow up with his siblings! It's also worth mentioning that when we met the puppies for the first time we also got to met their dad, Hoyt, who was incredibly well behaved and obedient. We did a LOT of research when it came to picking a breeder and we could not be more happy with our decision in choosing GoldengalsCT. We've only had our Cody for three days now and he's already going to the bathroom outside 80% of the time. We could not love our Cody more!! Thanks Ashley and Alex!

Joni Hubeny reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

July 12 2018

My husband and I were looking to get a White Golden Retriever, after the loss of our last dog it took me 5 years to be ready for another and through some research I found The Golden Gals!

Ashley is the most professional, well organized, question friendly( and I had many ) patient and kind breeder I have had that pleasure of meeting and dealing with in the process of getting not just one but 3 of her amazing dogs!

My son took one of the boys
My husband and I 2 of the girls.

She made it exciting from day one.
From meeting the parents of the dogs, to letting you know when they were being born, sending lots of pics and info along the way.
She and Alex were incredible at making it a true good experience.

Ashley cares Greatly for her dogs and followed up with texts and chat with this dog Mom.

We couldn’t be happier.
I would recommend her and the Golden Gals a thousand times over.
Over the moon with our new family members.
Thanks again Golden Gals!


Lori Atkins  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

 July 9, 2018

We adore 6 month sweet Molly! She’s calm, sweet, smart as a whip, and has made a difference with my daughters’ depression and anxiety. We’ve always rescued our dogs, so we were wary on purchasing ... but happy we did. Breeders are responsive and engaged with their families, highly recommended.


Judith LaMattina  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

July 5, 2018

 Ive had golden retrievers all my life, but when I came across GoldenGals and met Ashley I knew that I had found the breeder for my next baby boy. I talked to Ashley about my desire for a dog with the temperament that could be trained to be a service dog. I needed a bold, smart, gentle, curious, friendly dog. That's exactly the dog I got. AMAZING. Ashley really knows and cares about her puppies knows her dogs and cares loves them Marcelo is a beauty. He is calm and sweet. I recommend her and her pups highly  


Greg Burguillos reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

July 3, 2018

From my very first contact with Ashley and the Golden Gals team I was impressed. We picked up Rosie in mid-April 8 weeks after she was born in late February. We could not have made a better decision. Ashley is the most patient, knowledgeable, and helpful breeder that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Rosie is an amazing puppy, her temperament is fantastic, and we cannot wait to watch her keep growing up.

My fiance and I also had the pleasure of utilizing Ashley and the Golden Gals when we went on a 2 week European vacation. For less than the cost of a very low care, crate-centric boarding facility Ashley cared for Rosie like she was one of her own. She learned from her dad and got to spend time with some of her litter mates. We will definitely be going back for this service in the future.

Anyone who is considering an English Cream should look no further! 

Mallory Tartaglione reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

 June 29, 2018

We've had our pup for about 3 months now and couldn't be happier! Working with The Golden Gals was great, and Ashley was very informative and responsive to all of our questions! I felt comfortable from the beginning, and she continued to share updates with us as on the pup after he was born and until he was ready to come home with us! Overall, it's been a great experience!


Karen Delaney  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

June 17, 2018


We couldn't be happier with our puppy! We've had him for a few weeks and are so impressed with how smart, loving, laid back and well behaved he is. The communication with Ashley has always been great, since our first inquiry. I would recommend The Golden Gals to anyone and everyone!


Brittany Graboski  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

June 15 2018

Highly highly recommend!! The most professional and friendly breeder we’ve ever met. The process went smoothly and we didn’t have to worry about a thing! And our puppy is healthy and happy!! So happy we chose Golden Gals and will most definitely be keeping them in mind for our next puppy!


Amy Rochlin  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

June 07, 2018

We found Ashley after researching breeders and reading amazing testimonials. She is everything people say and more - organized, responsive, caring and most importantly, she adores her dogs and puppies. We adopted our beautiful sweet Sadie just this week and she has already become a beloved member of our family.


Katie Martz  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

May 22, 2018

I grew up with a golden retriever who was a therapy dog. I adored Lucy and knew that one day I would have a golden of my own. I researched many breeders and there was no question in my mind that Ashley was the perfect fit. She was so friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. She answered every single question with a care that is unmatched.

Ashley understands golden retrievers better than anyone in the industry. She breeds calm, beautiful, caring and smart puppies. She also cares greatly about every single dog in her life. She wants to hear about your questions, comments, stories and of course see all of the pictures and videos as your pups grow into great family dogs.

I got Teddy in April and fell in love with him immediately. He is an excellent puppy. He is loving, calm, sweet, and very trainable. I am grateful every day for Ashley and her family for giving me Teddy. I will certainly be coming back to Golden Gal's for another addition.


Susan Brady  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

May 16 2018

We thought we wanted an English Cream pup. We were so lucky to have found the "Golden Gals" and our timing was perfect. We took Phoebe home in March and could not be happier. She's the sweetest, smartest most delightful dog and we thank the Golden Gals for all of the special care & attention that they provide their litters. It truly makes a difference. We are absolutely delighted with a new family member. Thanks Ladies.


Kerrie Canavan  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

May 5, 2018

I grew up with golden retrievers, so when it was time for a dog of our own, it was without a doubt, a golden! We came across Golden Gals and decided to visit and meet their dogs based of the great review and the location. From the second we contacted Ashley she was friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. We set up an appointment to meet her current litter and within 10 minutes we had our puppy, Dani, picked out! Ashley made us feel welcome in her home, answered all of our questions, and let us meet her other dogs. We truly felt welcomed into the Golden Gal’s family right from the beginning. Even after bringing our puppy home, Ashley is always a text or phone call away to answer any and every question (which can be a lot with new puppy parents!). We are so lucky to have had such a great experience with Ashley and the Golden Gals, I can honestly say this won’t be the only puppy we get from this amazing breeder!


Kaitlyn Kennedy  reviewed The Golden Gal's—5 star

May 2, 2018

My fiancé Kevin and I could not be more thrilled with our decision to get our puppy, Henry, from Ashley and the Golden Gals staff. When we were able to meet our puppy at 5 weeks we were both impressed with the conditions the puppies live in, as well as the temperament of all of the dogs we were introduced to. Since taking Henry home, we get stopped all the time inquiring about where he is from. Strangers and family continue to be impressed with his temperament. He is friendly and playful but also calm and sweet. We can’t imagine our lives without him! After having such a positive experience we will definitely be coming back to Ashley in the future!


Courtney Brooks  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

May 2, 2018 
I've had Goldens my whole life and after finding out our breeder retired, I was thrilled to find The Golden Gals. A friend who also has a pup from them suggested I reach out and they made the whole process of adopting a puppy so easy! They sent me pictures and videos and made time to let me meet the puppy - who is the most adorable little guy ever!! He was so well cared for - it has only taken him a day to be house broken! He's so smart and loving and I will always go back to Golden Gals whenever I am ready for another puppy!

 Kelly Harding  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

April 28 2018

Ashley and crew are absolutely amazing. They were so easy to work with and answered all of our questions throughout the process. Our golden is so calm, friendly and happy. She is easy to train and it is obvious that she grew up in a kind, nuturing environment. She is great with kids and a perfect family dog. We can’t thank or recommend Golden gals enough!


John Stax  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

April 24 2018
The following letter to Ashley pretty well sums up my experience with her.
My puppy, now named Jessie, just turned six months old and I wanted to give you a note of thanks for breeding such a nice dog and making her available to me. She is well mannered, pretty, and lots of fun. Her health is excellent, with no issues at all. She does not hardly ever bark, plays well with other dogs, behaves well, etc…
She is still not completely house trained, which surprises me, but she is pretty good, and getting better at it. That's the only thing of any substance we are still working on.
So thank you for brightening my days with this happy, dopy doggie!


Kelly Considine  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

April 21 2018 

My family always had Golden Retriever's when I was growing up, and we were always so happy with their temperament so when I was looking for a service dog, I knew I wanted a Golden Retriever! I looked at various breeders in CT and RI, and when I met Ashley I was so impressed. When I went to see Ashley and her dogs, I wasn't planning on going home with a new addition that day, but my family and I fell in love with one of her puppies! Ashley was so thorough and answered all of my questions. She helped me make sure that the puppy had the right temperament and traits to be a service dog, as I was privately training him instead of going through an organization. Some of the breeders I came across were very pushy and brought up the deposit or the money side of things. They were not as forthcoming in answering my questions and it felt more like a business than anything else. Some of the breeder locations were dirty and did not look well kept. Luckily this was the exact opposite of what I experienced with Ashley! I felt like my puppy was coming from a family and the puppies were raised in an excellent environment!

Since going home Ashley has been so responsive when I ask her questions or need some guidance training! I love following her on Facebook and seeing her "pup shares." It is a great way to see what wonderful, loving families her puppies have gone to!

My puppy Gunner is now 7 months old, and he has been incredible! His temperament is unbelievable for a puppy! Like I said, I have always had Golden Retrievers and they are high energy and would always get excited and jump when people would come to the house, but Gunner has the perfect temperament. He loves people, but he is not as excitable as our former dogs which was important to me because of my medical condition. Gunner is so smart and learning so fast! He has already learned so many tasks to help me mitigate my condition, and Ashley has been very helpful when I hit a roadblock in training. Gunner can open and close cabinets, retrieve my medication and water, get help by finding someone and persistently touching them with his nose until they follow him, and more! At times we forget he is only 7 months old because he already knows so many things and behaves so well!

Everyone who meets Gunner is so impressed with both his appearance and his behavior!

I have had nothing but a positive experience with Ashley. I know that if I were looking to add another member to the family I would, without a doubt, be getting a puppy from The Golden Gals!

Click here to watch Gunner's progress in becoming a service dog 


Elizabeth Dolley  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

April 19 2018
For the past 2 years I've been doing research. Looking for a golden.
I have epilepsy and was interested in getting a puppy to have as (not only) my best and member of my family.... but also be able to train as a personal seizure service dog to keep me safer.
Since I found The Golden Gals I have had nothing but A Positive Experience! Ashley and Alex are NOT ONLY Friendly but Informative. Every question I had, they answered. They sent us pictures and videos when the litter was born and as they grew. We picked up our puppy yesterday. We also received a full packet along with the puppy. I personally couldn't have asked for a better experience!



Colleen Kelly  reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

January 6 2018 

I can say only amazing things about Ashley! My husband and I got our baby Gus Gus from her, and he is the most amazing surprise ever!!! I have never had a dog or puppy before, and Ashley was there to answer all of my crazy questions. He is such a cuddle bug, and he has the biggest heart! I owe all that to how he was cared for. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for Gus! =)


Aneliese Bliss reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

December 26, 2017

Thank you so much for my Fergie! I'm not sure words can capture the gratitude I have in my heart for such a wonderful dog. She has been raised with such care and love. I also really appreciate the extra awesome of starting these fluffy marshmallow puppies with crate training! The Golden Gals go above and beyond for their puppies and helping the new parents their dogs go to. I myself had quite a lot of questions about crate training since I had never done it before with other dogs I have had. I really appreciated the help even when I asked what seemed like ridiculous questions, I was always met with kindness and without judgment. 
I have a 4 year old and when we went to go pick out Fergie all the animals were so well behaved and in a super clean place. I wasn't worried for my daughter's safety at all. 
I am so glad to have Fergie in my life. I look forward to when I can add more Golden Gals babies to my family! Thank you so much! I really appreciate the time, effort and love you put in to raising your dogs


Whitney Ley reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

December 19, 2017

I am so grateful to have found Ashley and golden gals ! We had a dog lined up with another breeder whose demands on selection date and pick up dates seemed impossible with our small children's schedules and we lost the dog at the last momement . Thank goodness from that terrible experience we found the most easy going , knowledgable ,flexible , attentive breeder in Ashley ! While less formal in many ways than other breeders we can talked with Ashley is so knowledgable and loves her animals and raises loving family pets. We have the most loving , laid back , friendly , snuggly puppy and had such a positive expierence selecting him . I simply say enough good things about Golden Gals !


Liv Shevlin reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

December 15, 2017

After tons of research on different breeders of English cream retrievers I was lucky enough to find Ashley. She was wonderful throughout the entire process! From the very first time I contacted her I could tell that she truly cared about her dogs and she always provided us with updates about our puppy Lily until the day we picked her up. She raises her puppies with her family at her home and this is apparent in the temperament of her puppies. Our dog was well adjusted to people and noises of a typical household when we got her at 8 weeks old and I give all the credit to Ashley for the way she raises them. Not to mention our dog is beautiful and healthy! I would recommend The Golden Gals to anyone!!


Alexandra Warchol reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

December 2, 2017

Absolutely amazing! Alexandria is extremely nice and helpful! She is always there to answer any questions we had and we love our happy healthy baby boy! Already trained to sit and so well behaved! He is such a sweetheart and plays so well especially with little children. Would definitely get another puppy from her in the future! Highly recommend!


Caitlin O'Donnell reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

September 29, 2017

Where to even begin ... from the first time I reached out to Ashley (10pm on a Saturday) she always responded to every inquiry, comment or check-in no matter how small, within seconds. She doesn’t take a break and makes every puppy and future family her number one priority. Ashley is so welcoming during visits and makes you feel right at home. I was referred by a close friend who has two of Ashley’s babies, after constantly gushing over how much I loved them. The farm is beautiful and the puppies’ conditions are immaculate. 
Then there is Gavin…he is the type of son you hope to have. SO caring, bright, friendly and mama’s best helper! I feel so lucky that our little fluff was surrounded by such wonderful people from the beginning. Benjamin (our little guy) was a love from the first day, because he was loved and cared for so well from day 1. Five stars isn’t even a fraction of how over the moon I am about the entire process. Thank you so much Golden Gals! We love you!


Deb Heikkinen reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

September 24, 2017

Emma and Riley are home! We absolutely love them.They have adapted beautifully and are so excited to be together! The daily hour-by-hour schedule you gave us has worked extremely well and they stay on it. Our vet said Emma is perfect. Riley goes next Saturday. I really appreciate their portraits and our family pictures. And I just want to compliment you on your beautiful home and farm.


Avra Lynne Aubin reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

September 24, 2017  

Ashley was amazing to work with and the puppies are all amazing as well. I never grew up with dogs but my husband and son really wanted one. She made the process not just easy but welcoming and stress free. It felt like working with a friend or family member. She never hesitant to answer my silly questions or help in any way when I reach out for a question or anything! I would highly recommend her and her puppies!!


Nicole Rumery reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

August 30, 2017

Ashley provides such compassionate and tentative care! She is fabulous with the puppies and answers any and all questions. She truly cares about her dogs and puppies and looks for good homes for them!


Lynn Van Deusen reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

August 26, 2017

We got our puppy, Lelu, from Ashley this June. She has been an amazing resource! She truly loves her dogs and loves each puppy as her own! Lelu is sweet, gentle and calm! He is truly handsome and everywhere we go, people remark on what a great looking dog he is! I will never regret adding a Golden Gal's golden to my family and foresee in the future adding another!!


Lisa J. Peck reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

August 11, 2017

Ashley is the best! We have several of her babies and each one is a true gem! She takes pride in the care of all her dogs and puppies, going above and beyond to make sure all are loved and pampered while they are with her and even when they leave for their new forever homes. She answers any and all questions and is always there to help. I highly recommend Ashley and the Golden Gals for your next puppy! They are A-number 1 in my book!


John Velardi Jr. reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

August 11, 2017

The golden gals is one of a kind! Quality over ruled by quantity in every which way! I visited ashley to look at a puppy and was over whelmed with the quality of the care and attention these dogs receive! This breeder is the apitome of what every breeder should take into consideration! Healthy happy farm environments with plenty of space for the dogs to be dogs instead of being locked in a kennel! Highly recommend!!


Margie McNamara Berg reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

August 5, 2017

Ashley is absolutely amazing with these beautiful dogs. She takes the best care of each and every dog/puppy. When I went to see these puppies the place was spotless. The set up was definitely made with the comfort and well being of the dogs and puppies. The design was pretty great too.

Ashley, thank you so much for all the knowledge you shared about the breed. I can't wait to take home one of the beautiful babies. I share your photos with all my friends and have sent them your link!!!!


Ash Leigh reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

July 24, 2017

Ashley is a dream breeder to work with, and her Goldens are gorgeous! She absolutely LOVES her dogs, provides unparalleled puppy care on her immaculate farm, and maintains constant communication with us, "puppy-parents." She is a responsible breeder who has taken the time, energy and investment to develop a beautiful and healthy lineage; even my vet commented on Riley's (green collar's) phenomenal temperament. Thank you, Ashley and family! This experience has truly been remarkable. Those looking for a respectful, loving, and knowledgeable breeder must give Ashley a call to interview and discuss further!


Karen McEvoy reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

July 18, 2017

I can't say enough about Ashley and The Golden Gal's! The farm setting is so beautiful, the grounds are well maintained.The dogs are so well taken care of, they really have such a great life! The puppies are to die for and are super healthy! Ashley is so caring and answered every silly question I had. We are absolutely in love with our Oakley! He's the perfect addition to our family. This experience has been amazing! The Golden Girls are awesome!


Mike Cooper reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

July 16, 2017

To say Ashley, Steve, Gavin, and The Golden Gal's are amazing would be an amazing understatement! My wife was referred to The Golden Gal's by a friend and we are so thankful that we went through with them. We have gotten dogs from breeders before and Ashley stood out amazingly from the rest. Every level of her daily effort goes into these dogs and it shows. She is incredibly on top of all questions you have before, during, and after picking up the dog. A few weeks prior to finding Ashley, we had to put down one of our dogs. Ashley single-handedly did so much to make this whole process as happy as it could be during one of the hardest times of our lives. My wife and I were amazed each week how she would one-up herself and this business from the previous week. Her son is one of the nicest, well-behaved boys I have ever met in my life and does so much to help Mom out with everything for these dogs. Those two with Steve and her other helpers make it a perfect team! You would be making a huge mistake by not going here if you are in the market for a Golden. Her prices are very reasonable and you cannot find another breeder that spends more time and love of their day to put their dogs in good hands. Writing this now as I look at our little pup passed out on the floor after a fun-filled second day after leaving Ashley and team and am so thankful that we went here. The Golden Gal's...an A++++++ business and the only place you should consider for a Golden. She certainly has made customers for life with us!


Tori Kowalski reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

July 3, 2017

Ashley is amazing! My husband and I are in the process of getting a puppy from her latest litter and have nothing but good thing to say about Ashley and her family. She's been gracious enough to let us come visit our baby a few times already and is taking such great care of the puppies! I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone!!


Mj Tellier reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star 

June 28, 2017

As my children went off to college I realized that empty nest syndrome was coming over me. I started my research and found Ashley. From the first time we made contact until the day we picked our Brantley up, was seamless. She always answered any questions I might have had even if they seemed a little ridiculous.

We welcomed home our new boy in the beginning of June and honestly can't remember what life was like without him. He brings such joy to the house and everyone he meets.

Thank you Ashley for all the love and support you give the families you meet but most of all the comfort, care and love you give to each and every puppy you welcome into the world.


Bobbi Garman reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

April 4, 2017

The dogs are absolutely gorgeous, and the temperament of our puppy Is perfect, but more importantly, Ashley, the breeder, is more knowledgeable than most breeders in the field. The puppies have obviously been in a loving environment in her home! She is absolutely amazing in her 24/7 care of these puppies almost to the exclusion of everything else. We love our Davey!


Rebecca Sherrill McKee reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

March 28, 2017

Bailey is our second ECGR but our first from Ashley. Ashley has been amazing to work with since day one. I can not say enough about how sweet and thoughtful she is; sending us updates during Lola's pregnancy and frequent pictures and videos when the babies were born right up to the day we received Bailey. It is evident that she truly loves her dogs and takes excellent care of their babies. I was even impressed by how kind and gentle her little boy was with the puppies. We don't live in CT so the amount of communication was especially appreciated because we couldn't be there to meet her, her dogs, or the puppies in person. I did way more homework this time around when looking for a breeder. I talked to many breeders. Ashley came highly recommended by another breeder. We are so incredibly thankful to have found her. We are in love with Bailey. She is a smart, sweet-natured little girl and we could not be happier. 
Thank you again, Ashley!!! 
The McKees


Lauren Demchak reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

March 25, 2017

What a wonderful buying experience! From start to finish, Ashley was quick to answer all of my questions and concerns. Her dogs are clean, healthy, and happy. I love my new girl so much that I decided to buy a second puppy from her in the upcoming months. Truly a great breeder who clearly loves her dogs!


Kelly Reilly reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

March 25, 2017

The golden gals caught my eye when a mutual friend had a picture of a puppy she had got from there. I got in touch with Ashley right away and she was so kind and informative from the start. That weekend we set up a date to meet the puppies and fell in love. Reilly came home with my boyfriend and I today and we couldn't be happier. Ashley began training the puppies at the house and it is definitely noticeable. I can't thank Ashley and her family enough for providing us with this little bundle of joy!


Rob Ferule reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

March 15, 2017

Ashley from Golden Gals is great! She has been very patient with us and answered all our questions. Her dogs are beautiful and we are so excited to be getting one of her puppies. She will board her own dogs and that was so important to us. Just can't say enough good things about Golden Gals!!!


Maureen Zebroski reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

January 20, 2017

We have had our beautiful puppy, Piper, for almost a week now and we are completely in love with her! She is loving, smart, and such a wonderful addition to our family. I spent months researching breeders and goldens and I am so happy to say I am so thankful to have found Ashley. She is knowledgeable, patient, and has great integrity along with enormous love for her dogs and puppies. Ashley cared for Piper and her siblings as if they were part of her family and she also started training her while she was still in her care. I have had many questions as this is my first golden and Ashley has been there for me as a wonderful support system and new friend. She is a perfectionist and very easy to talk to and an excellent dog trainer. Thank you so much Ashley xoxo

Esther Kiely Regan reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

January 20, 2017

We got our puppy Charlie from Ashley last week and he is amazing! The whole process with Ashley was smooth and easy and she made it so easy for our family as first time puppy owners. The farm where they are born is so sweet and the puppies interact with the family for the first 8 weeks. We could not have been happier with the whole process and our beautiful new puppy!

Kathy Zarra reviewed The Golden Gals— 5 star

January 14, 2017

I just want to express what a pleasure it is working with Ashley. I knew I was in the right place the moment I arrived. Ashley let me spend time with several of her soon-to-be mommies and get to know them before choosing a litter. Afterwards, when a puppy from the current litter suddenly became available, she reached out to me because she felt that the puppy would be an excellent match for my needs. Ashley's willingness to host multiple visits let us bond with our puppy before bringing her home. I'm very much looking forward to life with Willow!


Rachel Croce reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

April 17, 2016

My boyfriend and I found Golden Gals through a mutual friend and our experience thus far has been nothing short of fantastic. Ashley keeps the pups in a loving and friendly living environment. They're surrounded by other puppies, dogs, horses and animals which provides for great socialization and interaction. Ashley is extremely knowledgable about the puppy process and what we should expect in the weeks following pick up of our newest family member. Would recommend them over and over again for anyone interested in a golden retriever puppy!


Christie Kaschak reviewed The Golden Gals—5 star

March 5, 2016

My boyfriend and I got our dog, Brady, this past fall from The Golden Gals. What a great experience! Ashley does an amazing job in caring for her dogs and puppies. When we picked up Brady she put together a great folder for us with all of his vet paperwork, information on AKC certification, and resources for neutering. Not to mention an adorable picture of his momma and the rest of the liter :)Ashley took the time to go over all of the information with us, and made sure we didn't leave with any unanswered questions. She always checks in to see how Brady is doing, we couldn't be more proud of our choice to get our puppy from The Golden Gals, I can't say it enough, if you're looking for a great, healthy golden, go with The Golden Gals. Your experience will be unmatched!!


Samantha Marie reviewed The Golden Gal's — 5 star

December 21, 2016 

It has been an absolute joy to take home our new puppy, Moose, from Golden Gals this fall. Ashley is an excellent breeder who was warm, welcoming, and extremely accommodating throughout the entire process. My whole family was able to visit Moose at the farm multiple times and get to know him before we brought him home at 8 weeks old. Moose and the rest of the puppies in the Golden Gals litters are healthy, well trained, and absolutely gorgeous! There is no better gift than the gift of a golden retriever, and Golden Gals is the perfect place to find it! Thank you Ashley and the rest of the Golden Gals family for all of your kindness. We are so happy with our new addition to the family.


Matt Smolley reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

November 28, 2016 

We got our puppy, Moose, from the Golden Gals in the beginning of November and we couldn’t be happier. From the first time I contacted Ashley, her and her family have been nothing but helpful with the process and any questions we have had along the way. Each puppy is born and raised in her home around her family and other pets and the love and care she shows for her animals is second to none. Our puppy is happy, healthy and very smart and has been a great addition to our family. He has become best friends with my 3 yr old and especially my 1 yr old son. We couldn't have asked for a better dog to be around our children. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in a Golden to contact Ashley.

Jennifer McGregor Greenwald reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

November 6, 2016

I was so happy I found The Golden Gal's online. I contacted Ashley and she got back to me right away. I chose a puppy and she sent me weekly updates and even would send extra pictures when I asked. The puppies are well cared for and are gorgeous! My little guy is so sweet and we couldn't ask for a better puppy or breeder. If you are looking for a Golden this is the place to go, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Ashley!


Taylor Leigh reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

July 27, 2016

My boyfriend Charlie and I got our puppy Oaky from Ashley last week! He is absolutely perfect and the process of working with Ashley could not have gone smoother. We were able to meet Oaky at 4 weeks and she gave us weekly updates and pictures until we picked him up. She was very flexible with our schedule and even started training him before he came home. We have already recommended multiple people to get their next puppy from Golden Gals. Oaky has a very calm demeanor, is very lovable, and extremely smart. We already can't imagine being without him!


DjChance Roman reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

August 13, 2016

Ashley is the best. She gives all of her dogs & pups the best care,socialization and loving environment that you could ask for. She has helped with everything you could think of or ask of when getting your new pup.

We got a very loving and beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever from Her & her family! Our lil fur baby is the sweetest pup!

She may have called it Golden Gals but to us she's Platinum status...

Furever thanks from Pete & Ritz!


Tim Tofil reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

July 28, 2016

We contacted Golden Gals about adding a new member to our home. Ashley invited me to her home to meet a puppy who would later become a member of our family who we love as "Buddy." All through the process and since Buddy has been home the Golden Gals has been available 24/7 for support and help for people who haven't has a dog for years. No question was too small or big. Always there to support us post adoption. We picked the perfect place to add to our home. The support and access has been great, as has been the help. Anyone who is looking to adopt a golden should start with Golden Gals and look no further....this is the place for you. We are so happy with Buddy and so thankful for all Golden Girls has done to make this a joyous process for us and out kids. Buddy is happy, very healthy and extremely well mannered. I trust this all started with the love he started out with at Golden Girls and which has continued in our home. Thank you Golden Girls for our Buddy!!


Ashley Marques reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

November 6, 2016

I love my little Milo!! He's such a sweetie & opened up to us already. Ashley was so great during the whole process. She sends/posts pictures & updates frequently on the litter. She is also super sweet! :) Highly recommend!!


Audrey Gleason Looram reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

March 12 2016

The Golden Gal's are the perfect breeder! My husband and I got our pup, Harvey, from them and couldn't be happier. We were always welcomed and encouraged to visit the puppies whenever we wanted and it was obvious they were incredibly well taken care of. The puppies are raised in a true home environment which I thought was great. Ashley was very responsive and quick to answer any questions we had about the process. When we picked up Harvey we were given a folder with all the information we needed (vet paperwork etc). I would recommend them to anyone interested in a golden!


Gianna Alberti reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

March 5, 2016

Happy and healthy puppies!! I absolutely love this line of golden retrievers and english creams!!! Adorable and in tip top condition from the day they're born to the day they go to approved forever homes. Not only are the puppies to die for, Ashley is also awesome and answers your every question! She really helps you every step of the way. Highly recommen 


 Kara Williams reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

October 2, 2016

I contacted the Golden Gals on behalf of my family, as well as two other families while looking for a breeder for sibling puppies- and I am so lucky to have found Ashley! From the moment I spoke with her, I immediately felt comfortable. Ashley is so knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to answer any and all questions throughout the process of purchasing your pup! We were able to visit with our Mom (Lola), as well as with our puppy Mazie (and her brothers) after she was born. Ashley is extremely responsive and was sure to send updates and pictures as they grew! Knowing our puppy's first eight weeks were spent in a loving home, and being raised as part of Ashley's family was so comforting. Our families now have three healthy, happy, good natured puppies who are so perfect in every way. I would highly recommend The Golden Gals and Ashley if you are looking for a breeder! I am so glad we found her!


Lisa Askinazi reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

June 4, 2016

The English Cream puppy I bought from Ashley is 8 months old now and we couldn't be happier. He is an adorable, healthy dog with an amazing temperament. Ashley was great to work with. I have referred several people to her and recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Golden.


 Matt Andrew reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

May 4, 2016

We love our pup! Great people, great home, 100% trustworthy.


Rachel Babineau reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

April 17, 2016

My boyfriend and I found Golden Gals through a mutual friend and our experience thus far has been nothing short of fantastic. Ashley keeps the pups in a loving and friendly living environment. They're surrounded by other puppies, dogs, horses and animals which provides for great socialization and interaction. Ashley is extremely knowledgable about the puppy process and what we should expect in the weeks following pick up of our newest family member. Would recommend them over and over again for anyone interested in a golden retriever puppy!


Laurie Santini McCarthy reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

March 29, 2017

We love our puppy we got from Ashley. She was allowed us to visit often and bring our older dog to socialize with puppies and her dogs. The puppies were all beautiful and well taken care of. It was a very difficult choice to make, but I couldn't be happier with our Mia. She is very smart and intelligent, loves to play and cuddle. I highly recommend her-


 Laura Marzelli reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

March 6, 2017 



Mandy P Marie reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

March 5, 2017

The Golden Gals did a phenomenal job! My boyfriend and I found these lovely ladies by chance and instantly fell in love with the litter! Ashley was so welcoming whenever we wanted to come over to see the pups and finally pick our Miesha. She was so informative and kept us up to date on Miesha's growth before we could take her home. Ashley made sure the puppies and mama were taken care of above anything else and that showed when we went over there. It gave us a sense of comfort that Miesha was coming from a loving home and from someone who knows what they're doing. We love our little girl and Ashley always checks in on her. We cannot wait to have a reunion with the rest of the litter and see the other babies. I'd get another golden from Ashley with no hesitation.


Christie Arcidiacono reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

March 5, 2017

My boyfriend and I got our dog, Brady, this past fall from The Golden Gals. What a great experience! Ashley does an amazing job in caring for her dogs and puppies. When we picked up Brady she put together a great folder for us with all of his vet paperwork, information on AKC certification, and resources for neutering. Not to mention an adorable picture of his momma and the rest of the liter :) Ashley took the time to go over all of the information with us, and made sure we didn't leave with any unanswered questions. She always checks in to see how Brady is doing, we couldn't be more proud of our choice to get our puppy from The Golden Gals, I can't say it enough, if you're looking for a great, healthy golden, go with The Golden Gals. Your experience will be unmatched!!


Tom King reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

April 1, 2017


Ashley is just an amazing breeder. She develops a relationship with the puppies that is so special and starts them off with tons of love & affection. These babies always have their little tails wagging.

They grow up with older dogs around them & are totally comfortable with big dogs.

We so appreciated receiving the pictures of our new puppy, Ellie Mae. Ashley immediately responded to questions that we had and was extremely knowledgeable. She is part veterinarian.

We'll definitely be back for another Golden Gals CT puppy and strongly recommend anyone considering a new puppy to contact Ashley.


Krista Marie reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

March 18, 2017


What a great experience! Ashley is truly a great person to buy a puppy from. Not only was she organized (provided us with a schedule, puppy checklist, etc), but super helpful. She also started the puppies in crates which was a relief when we brought Knox home. She has been super supportive and still helping me when questions arise. Not to mention they take great care of the puppies. Lots of love!! Thank you Ashley and co!




Andrea Stillson reviewed The Golden Gals — 5 star

March 26, 2016

Adopting our puppy Deacon from Ashley and the Golden Gals was a truly wonderful experience. From visiting for the first time and meeting out our new member of the family to receiving regular updates on our puppy's progress to being available for questions even after we brought Deacon home, Ashley's love for and dedication to these dogs was clear. We are so excited about bringing Deacon home and are so grateful to Ashley for all of her advice and support!