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These are some of our recommend Puppy Checklist items. Most of the items can be purchased online by clicking on the picture.

42-inch wire Crate w/Divider

Your puppy should only have enough room to be able to stand up and turn around while they are in the crate. If a puppy has too much space in the crate, they are likely to have an accident. The puppy should not have any toys or blankets while they are in the crate. We also recommend removing any collar, harness or leashes before putting the puppy in the crate. 

Chew Toys

A new puppy will chew anything in its path, e.g. your shoes, furniture, kids toy etc. Make sure you have plenty of toys for your puppy to chew instead. We recommend starting with a variety of toys like Tuffy Kong, raw marrow bones or antler chews. Buck Bone Organics sells a large variety of antler chews. Kong, Tuffy and Buck Bone can be easily purchased from Amazon or  Remember to always offer a toy when you catch your puppy chewing a “non” toy.

Stain & Odor Remover

Accidents do happen just be prepared when they do. Accidents are the owners fault not the pups. Get a good enzyme cleaner to break down the proteins in puppy accidents.

Slicker dog brush

Golden retrievers are known for their feathering coats. To avoid snarls we recommend brushing your baby everyday. This is also a good sensory activity for your puppy. They will love it! Look for a slicker brush with the plastic tips this will avoid any irritation to your puppy skin.

Kwik Stop Styptic Powder

Quickly stops bleeding caused by clipping nails to short and we HIGHLY recommend it. 

Pooper Scooper

Pooper scoopers are quick and efficient when it comes to removing dog waste from your yard. Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop makes scooping a quick and sanitary affair. You can use this scooper on almost all surfaces thanks to its design and construction materials.  The jaw is made of high-quality plastic that’s non-stick and antimicrobial. Be sure to order poop bags as well for outings. 

Food Storage

Find an air tight container to keep your puppies food in. This will help keep your pups food fresh. Get a big enough container to hold a full bag of food.

Training Treats

The best dog training treats are those that are irresistible, yummy and easy to break (small pea sized treats work also). Brands of training treats we recommend are Crazy Dog Train-Me and Merrick Power Bites. 

Puppy Bowls

Highly recommend stainless steel dishes as they are very easy to disinfect! Plastic bowls collect too many germs and ceramic can break. A bowl that can fit 4 cups of food is ideal.

Car Seat Protector

Great item to have! When traveling this will come in handy. keeps your car protected. Also has storage for doggy items!

Nail Clippers

Like humans your dogs nails grow. You will need nail clippers. Nail clipping for a growing puppy is quite frequently in the beginning. then as they age distance between cutting will grow. Even if you are not going to cut your own dogs nails its advised to still buy them . Pretend to cut your puppy nail to stimulate that sensory. Your groomer and vet will thank you.

Wire Playpen

We recommend wire paneled playpen that has a height of 30 inches minimum. The wire panels can easily be configured to any size or shape you might need. They also can be used to block doorways to rooms to keep off limits during potty training. 

Identification Tag

Please include your puppy’s name, address and phone number.

Nano Chip

When you bring home your puppy, included in their folder is a microchip sticker with your puppy’s microchip number. You can register your puppy’s microchip at

Puppy Shampoo

Even the best trained puppy will have an accident at some point and should be cleaned up within seconds when possible. The difference between enzyme cleaners and your regular household spray is the enzymes will eliminate odors that only your dog can smell. This will reduce any reminder that they have gone potty in any part of your house. Avoid any cleanings agents that contain ammonia. The chemical smells just like pee to a dog, and dog love “going” where they have gone before. 


Chris Christensen Hydrating blend is by far my favorite scent in his line. Be sure to by a dilution bottle as this is highly concentrated. A little goes a long way. Amazon is the best place to purchase this. The also have a conditioner.


Golden Gals offers boarding services for your dog. For more information, please contact us at 203-451-9574


Ear Cleaner

This keto ear flush is amazing for your new puppy. Golden retriever like any other dog with flappy ears are notorious for yeasty ears. This product will help break down the moisture in the ear.

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Golden Retriever Puppy Dry Dog FOod

This has been the only brand of puppy food your puppy has had
and is HIGHLY recommended. If you plan to change food brands, you will still need to purchase
this food to gradually adjust your puppy. It typically takes 7-10 days to adjust to the change in brands. Side effects by changing brands can include the following: vomiting, gas, and or
diarrhea. We recommend allowing your puppy to adjust to their new home before changing their food. 

Amazon Alexa

Sounds are great for sensory development in a puppy. Play thunderstorm sounds while your puppy is in a crate.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is required when you pick up your new puppy. We recommend Trupanion for medical insurance for you new puppy. 

  • Leash & Collar-Puddle Jumper Pups (visit Esty to purchase)
  • Sentinel Spectrum heartworm preventive 
  • 42″ Round Dog Bed
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