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We got our sweet boy a little over 3 years ago. He picked up on so many things so quickly like potty training, how to look super cute for treats and of course our favorite, figuring out how to open the baby gates in the kitchen (once he out grew his crate) and he has always been super trust worthy in the house solo. We fully believe if he had thumbs he would take over the world. He is truly the love of our lives and what turned our little house into a family. The only health issues we have run into is he has a dietary allergy which we are still slowly figuring out and he's been on an elimination diet for about a year now but he's doing just fine and again the joy of our life. We would absolutely get another pup from the Golden Gals if we could afford it. So if the Golden Gals are reading this and would like to give us a potty trained puppy for free we would gladly take it! 🙂
Elizabeth Fuller
I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience in getting our puppy from Alex and Ashley over at the Golden Gals. Not only did we end up with the perfect, sweetest puppy for our home, personalities and lifestyle, but the level of responsiveness, support and expert information on raising our new puppy has been outstanding the entire time. The Golden gals is truly a blessing, THANK YOU again for providing me with one of the best days of my life and the newest member of my family. It’s an honor to have a GoldenGal's Golden!
Danny Ballaro
We bought our dog Wally from this breeder 2 and a half years ago for my son’s birthday. They were lovely! And I couldn’t have asked for a better dog!! Wally is so laid back. And I love that they crate train their dogs and get them on a schedule before you take them home. House training was a breeze! I really want to get another puppy brother for Wally but they raised their prices so I have to save up. I highly recommend this breeder!
Kristen Johnson
Golden Gals is the best! They made every step of the process amazing, and I felt so taken care of. The puppies are so adorable, I wanted them all! They made me feel taken care of every step of the way to find my new best friend! I highly recommend anyone who’s looking for their own golden gal to work with them.
Averi Rasmussen
I got kali from golden gals over 2 years ago and she is absolutely amazing! Best dog I’ve ever had! She’s so sweet and loving and funny I 100% recommend Golden gals
Ashley and Alex are an A plus team in our book. My friend recommended them after getting her puppy. The timing of it was a dream come true. A puppy became available this past June. I cried over our face time visit. Everett is everything I always wanted. He was potty trained and crate trained and already on a schedule. They cared so much for these puppies and it showed on day 1. Keeping him on a schedule was so easy because they did the leg work for you. It was worth every penny spent. He is handsome, calm, playful, gentle and literally the easiest puppy ever. They were always available via phone/text. They helped explain in detail the type of food and what you would need in order to take care of your puppy. They are very professional and raise the best Golden's. Anytime anyone wants a Golden I refer them to this wonderful family. Everett is 8 months old and makes us so very happy!!! Check out the Golden Gals!! You won't be disappointed.
Kelly Hagymasi
We brought our pup, Jack, home on St Patrick’s Day of this year. I have to say that this puppy is everything I could have dreamed of and more. He has brought so much love into our family. He is wonderful with our (6) children ages 4-13. He is an absolute snugglebug and gentleman. He was pretty much crate trained when we brought him home and there was no sleep lost in the early weeks. We’ve had him 3 months now and he is just the goodest boy. He is house trained, smart, and doesn't chew anything other than toys (never has!!). An absolute dream. The first two weeks were rough only because he did have a pretty bad roundworm problem that caused some GI upset, but this is common in puppies and after some wormer and antibiotics, we haven’t had an issue since. I couldn’t imagine my life without my boy Jack. Thank you golden gals!!
Kaitlyn Duley
We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Ashley and Steve from Golden Gals! Brodie is exactly what you’d hope for in a puppy and has so easily become a member of our family. Not only is he absolutely beautiful, but his temperament is excellent. He is generally a very calm dog, listens well, and very easy to train. We adopted him when he was 12 weeks old and he was able to sleep all night in the crate on night #1 with no crying and no accidents! It is so obvious that he was raised in a loving home, and was socialized early. Ashley was extremely responsive and nice when I first reached out via email. She was so caring, informative and helpful when we came to meet Brodie, and then later to take him home. Since then, Ashley has shown us that she truly cares about how Brodie has adjusted to his new home. She checks in from time to time and encourages us to send her pictures! We highly recommend Golden Gals, and if we are ever in the market for a second puppy, we know exactly where to go!
Kelly Hagymasi
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