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Meet Hoyt he is a top quality English Cream Golden Retriever. Hoyt has Multiple champions and health clearances in his lines with imports from Spain, Australia, United Kingdom and France! Hoyt has a big blocky head, stout body and a gorgeous thick cream coat. Along with his stunning good looks he has a personally to match! Hoyt, impresses everyone he meets. His remarkable traits  pass right along to his offspring. Hoyt has all of the correct health tests and certifications. To view his results, click the paw. 

Hoyt’s Pedigree K9 Data


Meet Ruger, he is a top quality English Cream Golden Retriever imported from the Ukraine. He has multiple champions in his pedigree with linage from Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Norway, United Kingdom and France. All with health testing going back generations. Ruger has a gorgeous thick cream coat, big blocky head and a stocky build to match. Ruger has a very kind demeanor and is extremely affectionate. He is very athletic and love to swim! He instantly gravitates towards water no matter if it is a puddle or the ocean. We are very excited to have him in our breeding program and for the offspring he produces. Ruger has all of the correct health tests and certifications, to view his results please see the link below

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